Flood Insurance

In the past five years, a flood or flash flood event
has occurred in all 50 states. No state—and no
homeowner—is immune from the risk of flood.
Although homeowners in hurricane-weary
states, such as Florida and Louisiana, are
well aware of their risk of flood damage and
may be required by their lender to have flood
coverage, few homeowners in other areas of the
country understand their flood risk. They often
mistakenly believe that their homeowners policy
will cover flood damage. Or, they underestimate
their risk because the area has not flooded in
the past. But flood history is only one risk factor,
and risk can significantly increase over time
due to building development that upsets
topography,or aging infrastructure such
as levees and dams.

In the past five years, a flood or
flash flood event has occurred in
all 50 states!!

The statistics surrounding flooding are sobering
to most homeowners. Very few realize that floods
are the number one disaster in the United States.
Many homeowners are also unaware of just how
financially devastating a flood can be. Between
2007 and 2011, the average flood claim was
nearly $33,000.
Even a few inches of water in a dwelling can result in thousands of dollars of damage. Few homeowners have the resources to handle that type of hit to their finances.
The amount of flood damage incurred has little
to do with location. Florida and North Carolina,
two states in traditional hurricane paths,
have average losses of $22,595 and $16,106,
respectively. Some of the highest average flood
claims are in areas not thought to be at risk
of flood:
� Nevada: $43,895
� North Dakota: $44,911
� New Hampshire: $45,469
� New York: $67,107
Floods are a year-round risk that is not limited
to the traditional hurricane season. In the
Midwest and Northeast, snowfall, ice jams and rapid snowmelt can cause flooding. In
the Northwest, heavy winter rains can cause
For example, in August 2014 New York, expecially the middle of Long Island had 13 incues of rain, an non-hurricane event, and people in Islip and Lindenhurst were devistated by flooding water. All I heard on the news was "we are not in a flood area, we didn't think we needed flood insurance."
We are ALL in a flood area, we may not be in an area that is listed as an AE Zone, but even the areas that are not at a high risk to flood are classified as an X zones. The rates in an X zone are fairly inexpensive. If you live any where on Long Island, Please go to or website listed below and get a quote, you may be surprised at how little this valuable coverage costs.

And think about it, Long Island, IT'S AN ISLAND! No one is truly safe from the risk of flooding.

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